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To help our Singapore customers to have better understanding on the total cost to get your photos printed and shipped to your doorstep, we've created this special page dedicated for Singapore customer. For order or enquiry, please refer to our main website

* Production lead time (8-10) working days upon approval of your fine-tuned photos.
- Our designer will check/fine-tuned your photo and get your approval before we print them.
- All final product include printing & framing.

* Shipping lead time (2-3) working days.
- We use TNT to ship from Malaysia to Singapore.
- Combine shipping allow for small frames.

* Price list below applicable for all 3 types of printing - Canvas Printing, Wooden Box Printing & Wooden Frame Printing. (Click HERE to compare side-by-side)
- Price list below is based on conversion rate of SGD1 to RM2.50
- Conversion rate of bank and credit card may be vary.

Square Size Printing & Framing Price (RM) Shipping Fees (RM) Total Cost (SGD)
10" x 10" (25cm x 25cm) 50 80 52
16" x 16" (41cm x 41cm) 120 80 80
20" x 20" (51cm x 51cm) 180 80 104
24" x 24" (61cm x 61cm) 240 80 128
30" x 30" (76cm x 76cm) 350 80 172
36" x 36" (91cm x 91cm) 500 100 240
Rectangle Size Printing & Framing (Scale 2:3) Price (RM) Shipping Fees (RM) Total Cost (SGD)
8" x 12" (20cm x 30cm, A4 size) 50 80 52
11" x 14" (28cm x 36cm) 75 80 62
12" x 18" (30cm x 46cm, slightly bigger than A3 size) 100 80 72
16" x 24" (41cm x 61cm, A2 size - MOST POPULAR CHOICE!) 180 80 104
20" x 30" (51cm x 76cm) 250 80 132
24" x 36" (61cm x 91cm) 320 80 160
30" x 48" (76cm x 122cm) 580 100 272
32" x 52" (81cm x 132cm) 680 120 320
Rectangle Size Printing & Framing (Scale 1:2) Price (RM) Shipping Fees (RM) Total Cost (SGD)
10" x 20" (25cm x 51cm) 100 80 72
12" x 24" (30cm x 61cm) 150 80 92
18" x 36" (46cm x 91cm) 280 80 144
20" x 40" (51cm x 102cm) 320 80 160
24" x 40" (61cm x 102cm) 400 80 192
24" x 48" (61cm x 122cm) 450 100 220
30" x 60" (76cm x 152cm) 680 120 320
32" x 72" (81cm x 183cm, same level with door) 760 150 364
Panoramic Size Printing & Framing (Single Panel) Price (RM) Shipping Fees (RM) Total Cost (SGD)
12" x 36" (30cm x 91cm) 200 80 112
24" x 60" (61cm x 152cm) 570 100 268
24" x 72" (61cm x 180cm) 670 120 316
24" x 84" (61cm x 213cm) 720 150 348
30" x 84" (76cm x 213cm) 860 200 424
32" x 88" (81cm x 223cm) 1020 200 488

The Wonders of Photo Frames and Canvas Printing in Home Decor

Most new homes and present ones would need new furnishings and decorations for home improvement from time to time. Instead of thinking hard of ideas, take a step further and blend in photo frame or canvas printing in your home decorations.

Photo frame or canvas printing are a fun and simple ways in styling and adding colors. This is particularly meant for your shelves where similar frames should be chose to coordinate the colors with your shelves which a few shades of green would be a perfect color. As for your bedroom, have a theme and stick to one basic color with not more than three styles of grey-silver shades or pewter antique-style frames. Identical and simple square frames would suit your one bold color walls instead.

In any photo frame or canvas printing, group pictures would be best used for a greater impact. It may not necessary be of family portrait but of group of you doing hobbies or gatherings or celebrations would make the deal.

Once your styles are decided, you would find it easier to hunt for your perfect photo frame or canvas printing. You may start searching in the departmental store or home decoration stores and moves on with the antiques stores. You may also be in luck to find nice and cheap ones from the flea markets or in yard sales where you'll never know what you can find from there!

Be a little innovative and creative by decorating your photo frame or canvas printing with some mannequins or beads and jewelries. Such additional items you can obtain them from your jewelry box where you would find unwanted accessories or buy them from the stationery stores.

Sometimes, you may display photo frame or canvas printing in your living room shelves or walls with unique shapes and matching sets frames. These frames, you may collect them as part of your hobby and have your home as your gallery or would be ideal gifts to be given away to others!

Another way you can combine and make your decorations look nicer would be matching your frames with the correct carpets and matting. The right size and color of carpets and mats would add more ambiences to your room with the combination of frames and colors on the wall.

Photo frame and canvas printing are the ultimate option in capturing and memorizing your cherished moments in life which does not only emphasize on the beauty but also keeping them in great condition. This eye catchy idea would definitely be a suitable choice for home decor.

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